Friends of Glass Partners with National Marine Aquarium to Inspire Ocean-Friendly Packaging Choices

11 July 2018

Friends of Glass, the campaign that promotes glass packaging for food and drink, today announced a new partnership with the National Marine Aquarium (NMA). The partnership will seek to highlight how everyday choices we make are an important way of protecting the health of our oceans and marine life.

The Plymouth-based National Marine Aquarium, which attracts around 300,000 visitors every year including 30,000 school students, was the first aquarium in the UK to be run as a separate charity dedicated to the education and conservation of the marine environment. Over the last 20 years, the NMA has been instrumental in connecting people with our Oceans and promoting pro-Ocean behaviour. As an education charity, the NMA’s Discovery and Learning team is proud to deliver curriculum-based learning that entertains, engages and inspires students, developing a better understanding of their importance and rich biodiversity. The NMA has also launched a national education outreach programme with the first hubs in Cardiff and Newcastle, with a target of reaching one million school children and young families in a year, within the next ten years. Friends of Glass will be donating funds to the NMA’s innovative schools programme that will be educating students about the impact of packaging materials on our oceans.

Friends of Glass will also be supporting a new NMA initiative launched this summer, which celebrates iconic marine creatures and how the food and drink packaging we choose can help them now and in the future.

Victoria Adams, Senior Communications Officer at British Glass, which runs the Friends of Glass campaign in the UK says: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with the NMA on these programmes. Supporting greater understanding and knowledge about how we can protect our oceans is so important. If everyone made a small change in their habits, like choosing 100% recyclable glass packaging for food, drink and toiletries whenever they can, this would have a positive impact on marine health.”

And the more people understand, the more they feel motivated to act. A recent European-wide survey conducted by Friends of Glass found that 82% of Britons (78% Europeans) have recently noticed a change in their behaviour and have greater awareness of the impact on the environment from their actions since concerns were raised about the problem of marine litter worldwide.

Nicola Murray, Head of Discovery and Learning at the National Marine Aquarium, commented: “As a marine conservation education charity, we rely on visitor funds and donations to continue our mission to connect people with our oceans. The funds raised from the Friends of Glass campaign will help us to continue our vital work with students and teachers to help them understand the importance of the Oceans, not only for marine life but for the whole environment. There is no denying that we must work as individuals and communities together to create healthier Oceans for the benefit and enjoyment of all.”

Friends of Glass is launching a competition inviting people to join in with a toast to the health of the oceans by posting a selfie or photo on social media with the hashtag #CheerstotheOcean. There are ideas and templates for making the entries as creative as possible and £800 worth of vouchers from ethical specialists Responsible Travel for the best submissions. Friends of Glass will donate £1 to the NMA programmes for every #CheerstotheOcean entry received. More details and how to enter at


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Notes to Editors

1. About Friends of Glass

Friends of Glass is a pan-European community dedicated to promoting the right for consumers to be able to choose the food and drink products they love in glass packaging. Friends of Glass unites all those who believe glass is the clear choice for themselves, their families and for the environment. Friends of Glass UK is managed by British Glass Manufacturers’ Confederation.

2. About British Glass

As the representative body for the UK industry, British Glass communicates the sector’s value and interests – as well as fostering the collaboration and innovation – to secure a thriving, sustainable future for glass. British Glass helps members companies from across the glass supply chain to work constructively with industry and government stakeholders.

3. About National Marine Aquarium

The purpose of the NMA is “To connect us with our Oceans”. There has been an aquarium in Plymouth since 1888. Initially housed at the British Marine Biological Association, a new much larger aquarium was built in the Barbican district in 1997 and was designated The National Marine Aquarium. The NMA was the first aquarium in the UK to be run as a separate charity solely dedicated to education and conservation of the marine environment. The world class husbandry team at the NMA looks after over 4,000 animals. A series of curriculum based modules have been developed by the NMA and these are delivered to an average of 30,000 students a year both on site and through the outreach programme. More information about National Marine Aquarium is available at:

4. Friends of Glass Consumer Barometer Survey

This Europe-wide social media survey was targeted at consumers in 12 countries: Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland and Turkey, from 29 March to 27 April 2018. The purpose was to explore consumers’ attitudes toward packaging materials, and to spark a conversation on the environmental benefits of glass packaging.Overall, 6,256 responses were collected (316 UK). For more information about the findings from the pan-European survey, visit